Why Have We Accept and Establish Aerospace Standards for Our Business Ethic?


HSF believes that accuracy is of absolute importance in the machining and fabrication of aerospace and aircraft parts, which require the highest level of performance under very high stress conditions during flight.


HSF’s extensive level of experience provides clients and strategic partners with our assurance that the high precision parts will meet their precise specifications and performance standards.

Our Main Discipline

At HSF, we deliver the highest quality products and services, and we strive to get it right the first time. We continuously improve our performance and processes to ensure we meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

Acceptance Quality Limit (AQL) at HSF:

In-House AQL Control

HSF does not interpret the sampling requirements contained herein as allowing defective parts (AQL Levels) to be sold to the customers.

Customer Satisfaction

HSF accepts and applies that all supplied parts must comply with all requirements of the Purchase Order, Applicable Standards, Engineering Drawing and / or product description requirements.

AQL Levels We Have Applied

HSF applies 3 levels for AQL:
Critical Characteristics: 100% Inspection shall be assigned unless otherwise specified.
Major Characteristics: 0.65% AQL Level shall be assigned unless otherwise specified.
Minor Characteristics: 2.5% AQL Level shall be assigned unless otherwise specified.

Quality Control and Process Approval


Our business discipline is based on fully independent control and validation of all processes and tolerances based on international standards and customer requirements.

International Standards

Our quality control laboratory can with fully independent quality and process approval discipline apply the Non-Destructive and Destructive Testing procedures. In-house and external all stage approvals are managed with AQL limits by quality control laboratory.

Customer Approvals

Client confirmation and approval is main and only approval condition for the contracts. This is all documented through our quality management system and ERP that are tailored to fit our customer’s shipping documentation and quality record requirements and certifications.

HSF produces expertly designed, high-quality, complex machined components and products. Our investment in training and obtaining the latest approvals and certifications provides you with an exceptional level of service and compliance. Current approval levels include ISO 9001, AS9100 rev D, and ISO-EN 17025 compliant.

Our quality control laboratory can with fully independent quality and process approval discipline apply the Non-Destructive and Destructive Testing procedures. In-house and external all stage approvals are managed with AQL limits by quality control laboratory.

One of the most important factors when manufacturing parts for aircraft or related systems is safety. There is no room for human or any foreign object error in the production and assembly of an aircraft. From the smallest interior detail to the plane’s exterior, any flaws or inconsistencies can have devastating effects.

All devices and equipment used in HSF production and quality control processes are periodically calibrated, and all calibration records are kept in the ERP system. Policies that prevent the participation of uncalibrated devices or equipment in the production and quality control processes have been developed and are actively implemented.

IN-HOUSE QUALITY CONTROL CAPABILITIES (designed according as ISO-EN 17025 & AS9003A) (updated on 23.02.2024)

All test and measuring devices including the hand tools are periodically calibrated and reported.
1 Laboratory NDT Coordinate Measuring Machine 2020
2 Laboratory NDT Computer Controlled Video Measuring Machine (2 units) 2019 - 2024
3 Laboratory NDT Computer Controlled Profile Projector (2 units) 2019 - 2024
4 Laboratory NDT Optical Emission Spectrometer 2021
5 Laboratory DT Computer Controlled Tensile Strength Test Device - 600kN 2019
6 Laboratory NDT Desktop Digital Hardness Test Device (4 units) 2020-2024-2024-2024
7 Laboratory NDT Desktop Analog Hardness Test Device (1 unit) 2024
8 Laboratory NDT Portable Hardness Test Device with Leeb and Pen Probes (2 units) 2024-2024
9 Laboratory NDT Desktop Automatic Micro Vickers Test Device 2021
10 Laboratory NDT Salt Sprey Test Unit 2024
11 Laboratory NDT Drying Oven 2023
12 Laboratory NDT Eddy Current (IACS %110) 2024
13 Laboratory NDT Ultrasonic Flaw Dedector (2 units) 2019 - 2024
14 Laboratory NDT Surface Roughness Measuring / SRM 2021
15 Laboratory NDT Coating Analysis Measuring Device 2020
16 Laboratory NDT Metallurgical Measuring Microscope 2020
17 Laboratory NDT Objective Measuring Microscope 2019
18 Laboratory NDT Sample Preparing Unit for Microvickers and Metallurgical Microscope 2020
19 Laboratory DT Computer Controlled Fastener Torque Tension Test Machine 2024
20 Laboratory DT Programmable Temperature and Humidity Testing Chamber 2024
21 Laboratory DT Computer Auto-Controlled Impact Tester 150/300J 2024
22 Laboratory DT Computer Controlled Coulometric-Electrolytic Multi-Layers Thickness Gauge 2024
23 Laboratory NDT Computer Controlled Roughness and Waviness Tester with Inner Hole Measurement Sensor 2024
24 Laboratory NDT Liquid Penetrant Testing
25 Laboratory NDT CAD-CAM Softwares (3 apps)
26 Laboratory NDT Desktop - Water Quality Test Unit (Temperature, Salinity, PH, TDS) 2024
27 Laboratory NDT Portable - Water Quality Test Unit (Temperature, Salinity, PH, TDS) 2024



International Standard: AS9100 Rev.D Requirements;
The ERP and MRP systems are designed according as AS9100 International Standards' requirements, can provide the following capabilities:
- Process Management,
- Process Approval,
- Process Reporting,
- Risk Management,
- Supplier & Customer Management,
- Failure Management,
- Corrective Action and Root Cause,
- Internal Audits and Management Review.



HSF precision processing capability includes CNC Lathe, Vertical Machining and Swiss Lathe units that offer the highest quality components and fasteners using an array of alloy steels, alloy nickels and titanium alloys in a wide variety of tolerances. Our CNC machinery process has Laser Marking, Dot Matrix Marking and Packing Sealing and Heating units.


Working Temperature: 2250 Fahrenheit (1400 Celsius),
International Standard: AMS 2769 Rev. D,
Chamber Size: Depth400 * Width300 * Height300mm (36Litre).



Box Sealing Capability: 500*600mm

Thermal Shrink Capability: 600*500mm

Tunnel Size: 1200*400*200mm

Box Strapping Capability: 800*600mm

Heating Line (Adjustable): 6.5KW

EDDY CURRENT - IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard) CAPABILITIES

100% IACS is equivalent to a conductivity of 58.108 megasiemens per meter (MS/m) at 20°C or a resistivity of 1/58.108 ohm per meter for a wire one square millimeter in cross section. IACS % = (172.41/resistivity) where resistivity, ρ,(ro) is in micro-ohms per centimeter.

Aluminum Alloy (Wrought) (% IACS) and (Ohm-m)
Copper Alloys (% IACS) and (Ohm-m)
Steel Alloys (% IACS) and (Ohm-m)
Stainless Steel & Super Alloys (% IACS) and (Ohm-m)
Nickel & Titanium Alloys (% IACS) and (Ohm-m)
Magnesium Alloys (% IACS) and (Ohm-m)