HSF Production and Laboratory Capabilities

Why We Follow AS9100 Rev.D Standards

*Better Customer Satisfaction
*Improved Company Image
*Better Decision Making
*Increased Efficiency
*Ensuring the Participation of Our Employees
*Better Supplier Relations
*Continuous Improvement

Importance of Risk-Based Thinking

The concept of risk-based thinking, determining whether actions actually address risk or need to be updated, or decision-making is a matter of risk management, not risk-based thinking. In this direction, the concept of risk-based thinking involves HSF as an organization identifying the risk, deciding whether to act, and then taking action.

Quality Controls & Traceability

Our process control ERP system is designed by HSF according to AS9100 Rev.D aerospace requirements. Our ERP system provides full quality control approvals and traceability for all processes in our facility and in our sub-contractor processes. In this way, we provide our customers with safe and traceable products.

What Can We Do? What Can't We Do?

Machinery Capabilities

Airframes, compressors, jet engines and other advanced systems require absolute precision, corrosion resistance, strength and high heat resistance. Nickel alloy fasteners are often used in aircraft landing gear and engine parts due to the extremely robust nature of these materials.

Product Range & After-Market

. Screws (NSN Series 5305),
. Bolts (NSN Series 5306),
. Pins (NSN Series 5315),
. Studs (NSN Series 5307),
. Bushing Sleeves (NSN Series 3120),
. Nut Self Locking (NSN Series 5310),
. Threaded Rod Ends (NSN Series 5340),
. Shafts and Nut Balls (NSN Series 3040),

EN/ISO 17025 Lab Capability

* CMM (ZEISS Contura 7/120/6 Curve & Flat Scanning) Coordinate-Measuring Machine
* HP 3D Scanner Pro S3
* Tensile Strength 600kn,
* 3D Video Measuring .00001,
* Profile Projector .00001,
* Metallurgical Microscope (ASTM E112),
* Objectional Microscope,
And more...

We Can't Do

*Control, updating, and provision of technical documentation relating to product use, maintenance, repair, and overhaul;
*Production and after-market services for military platforms

Quality Control Capabilities and Standards

* Statistic and Numeric Process Control and Auto-Recording,
* Gauge Reliability and Transperency,
* Research & Design & Prototype,
* Evolution of Manufacturing Process,
* Raw Metarial Supply,
* Machining,
* Broaching,
* Heat Treatment,
* Sand Blasting,
* Coating,
* Destructive and Non- Destructive Testing (NDT),
* Final Inspections and Approvals.
* Documentation and Shipment.

  • SAE AS9100 Rev.D: Quality Management Systems - Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defense Organizations

    AS9102 Rev.B: Aerospace First Article Inspection Requirement

    AS13000 2014-5: Problem Solving Requirements for Suppliers

    AS9003 Rev.A: Inspection and Test Quality Systems Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defense Organizations

    AS13006 2018-09: Aerospace Process Control Methods

    SAE ARP9013: Statistical Product Acceptance Requirements

    ASQ/ANSI Z1.4–2003 (R2018): Sampling Procedures and Tables for Inspection

    ASQ / ANSI Z1.9–2003(R2018): Sampling Procedures and Tables for Inspection by Variables for Percent Nonconfirming

    AS9101 Rev.E: Quality Management Systems Audit Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defense Organizations

    ARD9000: Aerospace Basic Quality System Standard

    AS478 Rev.N: Identification Marking Methods

  • ERP Capabilities

    Our process control system has been designed by HSF depends on AS9100 Rev.D aerospace standards. Our ERP system provides us to full quality control, approvals and traceability for following processes:
    1. Customer relations,
    2. Tender management,
    3. Project management,
    4. Procurement,
    5. Design and production,
    6. Delivery management,
    7. Post-delivery relations,
    8. Process analiyses and reports,
    9. Failure-Risk-Opportunity analysis,
    10. Corrective action analysis,
    11. Management and internal audit control process,
    12. Supplier and customer evaluations,