high-tech precision manufacturer for complex metal components and products in the field of commercial aerospace platforms


AS9100 accredited manufacturer (FAR 21.303)
in-house quality control and design laboratory (ISO-EN 17205, MIL-I-45208, MIL-Q-9858)


HSF production facility, including state-art quality control and product design laboratory and integrated ERP process control system, have been designed to fully meet of OEM and clients requirements and international standards depending on AS9100 and ISO-EN 17025.
HSF has about 20 years’ experience in servicing commercial aircraft parts & components support to various operators and governmental agencies around the World.
HSF's Quality Policy is to continually improve our products and services so that our customers, employees, and business partners will receive superior value and share in our successes. We adhere to the aerospace standards and customer requirements in all phases of purchasing, receiving, stocking, sales, and shipping.

Quality and Traceability are Our Indispensable

Our process control ERP system is designed by HSF according to AS9100 Rev.D aerospace requirements. Our ERP system provides full quality control approvals and traceability for all processes in our facility and in our sub-contractor processes. In this way, we provide our customers with safe and traceable products.

HSF production capability covers the parts and components of the airframes, compressors, jet engines, landing gears and the wing systems which are required absolute precision, corrosion resistance, strength and high heat resistance.

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Why We Believe the Importance of Risk-Based Thinking

The concept of risk-based thinking, determining whether actions actually address risk or need to be updated, or decision-making is a matter of risk management, not risk-based thinking. In this direction, the concept of risk-based thinking involves HSF as an organization identifying the risk, deciding whether to act, and then taking action.
HSF carries out risk management according to the ISO31000 standard.

%100 AQL Control for In-House and Supplier Processes

HSF is specialized to manufacture high-sensitive and non-tolerance components for commercial aircraft engine assemblies, landing gears and wing components. Our machinery capability covers high volume nickel, cobalt, titanium, and high temperature strength based raw materials like as Inconel, A286, Stellite, Udimet, Waspalloy etc.

Our Goal is Simple: Technical Perfection with Traceable Products
Security and Traceability: When you’re manufacturing something that will be used in aerospace industry, there is no margin for error. HSF has held a commitment to quality since 2013 with ERP controlled statistical process control including aerospace standards for the precision machining and quality acceptance methods.
HSF is your accredited manufacturer for high quality fastener parts on landing gear, engine components, wing equipment. With decades of experience, HSF as the AS9100 Rev.D approved manufacturer is uniquely positioned to provide OEM quality spare parts, which traceable and certified.

Our Main Purpose: To be a leader in the production of sensitive and low tolerance parts in the aviation field, a family with a high reputation that respects people and the environment, and adds value to the aerospace nation and society.

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Our Values:

* We give confidence,
* We act fairly,
* We are aware of our responsibility,
* We are curious and sincere,
* We work devotedly with passion.

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Our Mission:

* We prioritize aviation standards and requirements,
* We never compromise on quality to be competitive in cost,
* We create and maintain a fully traceable and measurable work discipline.

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Our Vision:

* We make high technology investments in line with aviation requirements,
* We ensure job and employee safety,
* We provide timely and complete delivery,
* We comply with local and international laws and standards.

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Our Vision:

As a precision manufacturer in the field of aerospace industry, we set the goal to complete all quality control processes in-house, and we do not compromise on quality and aviation standards.


HSF Savunma Havacılık Ltd. Şti. (HSF)

HSF, in 2002, has started to service for aerospace industry in USA and since 2013 from Turkey continues in providing spare parts and production services through new production facility. In 2021, HSF established our new business office in USA and in 2022, it's new production facility is planned to active in USA.
HSF is one of AS9100 accredited high-tech precision manufacturers for complex metal components and products in the field of commercial aerospace platforms as AS9100 and ISO9001 Accredited Manufacturer with in-House Aerospace Laboratory Capabilities.

What is HSF Abbreviation?

HSF stands for Human Space Flight that is described by NASA as spaceflight with a crew or passengers aboard a spacecraft to find new lives or worlds.